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Guangzhou this rapid stage equipment co., LTD

Guangzhou Benjie Stage Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou this rapid stage equipment co., LTD


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The ground       The address:Guangzhou panyu district groundmass town groundmass village hu to new east street21Number

Stage equipment co., LTD., established in guangzhou this nimble2015Years,Located in guangzhou panyu district of guangdong province,The registered capital50Wan,Is a medium-sized enterprises。“Focus on quality,Attentively service“As the core value,All focus on the needs of users,Hope that through professional level and unremitting efforts,Restore aluminum truss stage image of the industry,The main and the cultural media companies at home and abroad、Wedding service companies、The hotel market、The school、Leasing activity performance、Indoor and outdoor performances、Construction equipment to provide services such as performance and exhibition。


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Single round

Arc truss

Triangle circle

Four fangyuan rack

The pentagram

Heart-shaped truss

290mmSingle bolt

290mmTriangle bolt

290mm The quartet bolt

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Our company has a group of experienced designers and skilled production team,With advanced production equipment,Perfect quality assurance system,Ensure process skiful,Our quality is much better,From the design、Development、Manufacturing to delivery,Can be one of the fastest speed,The most high-quality product quality to meet customer demand。

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