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Knowledge of the industry
Vacuum packaging machine vacuum degree how to adjust
How do vacuum packaging machine use can save
How flameproof vacuum packaging machine use
Vacuum packaging machine economical advantage
Vacuum packaging machine vacuum degree how to adjust
Several packaging function of vacuum packing bag
Proper operation of the type of vacuum packing outside
Vacuum packaging machine with high and low difference
Typical customers

Bright dairy group
Fuling wujiang river pickle
Sun egg industry
Wuzhou food
Borui vegetable oil

For pharmaceutical industry   Sichuan koren
Fusang emperor medicine   Han river pharmaceutical

A car
Sany heavy industry
Shenyang brilliance
Saic gm wuling automobile co

Electronic appliances
For the mo, capacitance
Schneider electric
Siemens mobile communications
Hisense electronics
Himin solar energy

Steel chemical industry
Shanghai baosteel   Weifeng fibre
Yunnan salt   Lutai textile

The other
China's ministry of agriculture feed industry center
The second artillery force of the Chinese people's liberation
China's eighth construction bureau of water resources and hydroelectric power
Eastern airlines in shanxi branch
Qingdao entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
Guangdong day Lin books audio and video distribution companies
The black dragon Jiang Huahe door industry co., LTD
Fai door(Qingdao)Auto parts co., LTD

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The partner

Recommended products
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Company independent development of the vacuum packaging machine,With excellent quality and exquisite craft,Extensive service various fields of national economy。At the same time,YUPACKBrand

Vacuum packing machine

Has also been used by the food and industrial enterprises in multiple countries around the world。
Vacuum packing machine price
· Single chamber vacuum machine
· The double chamber vacuum machine
· Outside type vacuum packing machine
· Cabinet type packing machine
· Tilting packing machine
The solution
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Qingdao ai - for manufacturing(Automobile manufacturing、Electronic and communication equipment manufacturing、Food processing、Mechanical processing、Iron and steel、Petroleum chemical industry, etc)、Retail sector、Press and publication、Provide reliable automated warehousing logistics industryAssembly lineHeat shrinkable packaging machine、Vacuum packing machine and other packaging equipment and advanced packaging machine system solutions:
Automatic packaging equipment solutions
Automatic strapping packing system solutions
Logistics delivery system solution
Product sorting system solutions
Continuous vacuum packing food system
Product display
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Automatic strapping machine
Stretch film winding machine
Out of the box packing machine
Mantle heat shrinkable machine
Product category queries
As a leading packaging equipment supplier,Qingdao ai - for the global customers with products and companyOEMThe output。Company main products include:Vacuum packing machine、Heat shrinkable packaging machine、Coil packaging machine and binding machine、Sealing machine、The sealing machine、Baling press、After packing belt and printer products such as packaging equipment。You can use the following categories,Select the products you need。
Company news
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2019-08-08 Operations8End of month of summer league building activities
2019-07-22 Ai - in Qingdao international industrial automation technology
2019-06-24 A Russian research large timber companies to visit our factory
2019-05-29 Our company to attend2019The first16The China international food processing and packaging equipment(Qingdao)The exhibition
2019-03-29 HPThe core supplier visit
2019-02-12 Ai - New Year party held in sheraton hotel
2018-12-29 Screw automatic packaging line through customer acceptance
Service and support
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To choose fromYUPACKThe vacuum packaging machine is chosen at the same timeYUPACKThe service。
·How to get support?·Product warranty information
·Spare parts supply·Equipment installation and maintenance
·Download product information·Service complaints
·After-sales service fee standards
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